Embracing Our Difference

Family × Body × Bride


We are an incubator, waterers, nurturers; for the seed of every human soul.

 We passionately believe that we were never made to create Life (we'll leave this to the Giver of Life) rather, as we plant & water & nurture every seed of every human soul we encounter, we desire that it would be realized in each of us (individually & corporately) the reality of what it means to give our lives away for others. 


we are devoted, to one another, to one King, to one Kingdom; that it would come on earth, through his people.

When the Kingdom truly begins to take root in broken places so many miraculous things happen. Hope starts to be restored. Families become healthier. Love seems almost tangible. Dinners are longer. Prayers are more communal and participative. The poor find refuge. The sojourner finds a home. The lonely find families.


we are a movement, slow, small; cultivating a city.

The city isn’t a place, it cannot be built thus cannot be destroyed. It is in the hearts of people who have had their eyes open and can’t stop chasing the Father. It isn’t a Sunday morning pew, a great preaching, or a moral code. It isn't a mission trip, a generous charity, or a glamorous bible study. It’s a powerful, all consuming love that is radically changing the lives of all who encounter the truth.