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Thanksgiving wasn’t the same for any of us in 2016.  Was the story of jolly pilgrims coming to these foreign shores finally catching up?

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Sons to Fathers

This was the first summer of moving into a more intentional mentorship initiative.   

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building a new nation.

With the lives we have we want more than what we've been offered. We chose to let the Kingdom invade in every aspect of our lives. 

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global partnerships

Across the globe the Lord is working in ways that have been lost in the Western world. We are partnering and learning from believers all over in order to see God in a fuller frame.   



Just as one follower needs others so does a local church. In uniting ourselves to the global body we are finding that the added perspective from differing contexts widens our understanding of the King.  In hearing the stories and engaging the cultures, we've found that not only does the Kingdom transcend culture but is found in cultures as well. 

We partner with trans-local bodies not to dominate, but to learn. The Father is giving gifts through the voices of elders and servants of forgotten nations and peoples. 

Through these partnerships we are able to see and hear how the Kingdom is invading all over the world. Stories of triumph, pain, joy, sorrow, busyness, and rest. 




A world leader in justice and reconciliation, Ghana has inspired men and women from Martin Luther King Jr. to Mother Theresa. We've been shown the powerful and dedicated spirit of the Ghanaian people in their love for the lowest and their fellow man.