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We are a small band of Christ followers that moved out to the Irondale community to be on mission with Jesus as he called people to love and follow him in all of life. We seek to leverage our home, jobs, and spare time to display the Kingdom and form the way we practice church. Mike and Kinisha Britton spent around 10 years on church staff with a longing in their hearts to practice church in everyday life, outside of the walls of the church.

In 2012, Mike resigned from staff and they began a journey to discover what it meant to “love and follow the real Jesus in all of life.” We have been in Irondale for more than 2 years and have many relationships in the Holiday Gardens neighborhood, Rime Garden apartment complex, Mark’s Village housing project, and Purpose Place Thrift Market.
— MB & KB


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Many stories have and will continue to be told about what we've seen, how we've been changed, & all we've witnessed of God.




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