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We have found that there are many of Jesus’ people who look for community that functions – that moves beyond a façade of intimacy, that labors with consistency, and that honestly seeks the Kingdom of God without limitation. We began as a few laboring in particular inner city Knoxville neighborhoods, who were eventually faced with the potent reality of the need for one another as we endeavored to love in ways God was leading. As a growing community, this situation has become a hub where people come and breathe out as they meet people with similar minds – a place where, as the Church, we acknowledge and exhort each other in our desire for Jesus, cultivating an environment where complete infatuation with the heart of God and obedience are the commonalities. We spend much our time seeking together what it means to live as the church and building relationships within our neighborhoods through various avenues.
— TC


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Many stories have and will continue to be told about what we've seen, how we've been changed, & all we've witnessed of God.




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