the question: "how can i come and be with you?”

the simple answer: "just come. whenever. wherever we are."

Though this is easy for us to say, we realize that many people haven't experienced true familial community before. We know that just walking through someones door may be an intimidating way to enter their lives, but really, it's exactly what we would expect. 

We want to convey to those who seek a type of "avenue of entry" into our lives just how important we think it is for people to simply eat together.

Chances are you've begun to grasp an idea of who we are & how we live. We can only imagine that you've begun to see that it's different; maybe unfamiliar. But it's in this way (a way that can't be formatted or manufactured) that we invite you to simply walk through our doors and into our lives.

Just come.


Wherever we are.

We believe it's better that way.