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When we first moved to the little jungle town of Benjamin Constant, it did not take long for us to recognize the tremendous need for a safe place for neglected and abandoned children. There are hundreds of children without the love and physical care they need, whether temporarily or permanently.

We began praying about how God would have us be a part of the solution to this growing problem. We knew that our skills and passions were in line with being the facilitators, but we wanted a team of Brazilian nationals to run the home.

Not long after meeting Rosa, we knew she would be the perfect fit. When we approached her with the idea, she just had a humble smile and said, “God called me to do this 20 years ago. I’ve just been doing what I could all that time waiting for Him to open the doors.” For nearly 20 years, she has essentially run a children’s home from her own house but with little to no resources, just faith in a big God.

We are in the beginning phases of making this home into a NGO (non-governmental organization) here in Brazil. In November of 2013, God provided the funds for us to purchase a small home. We have completed renovations to this home, situated right in the midst of an empoverished government housing project. Rosa has 4 children in her care (in addition to her three biological children, one adopted daughter, and her husband’s love child).

We call the home “Grace House” because if it weren’t for God’s grace in our own lives, we wouldn’t have the love in our hearts to show that same grace to these children with so many hurts and needs.
— RW


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