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Prison is, at present, one of the most widespread & misunderstood injustices in America. Young (primarily African American & Latino) men and women are arrested and put in jail with either an unaffordable bond to no bond every single day. Deemed as deserving of their punishment they are depicted by media into horrible people that our society is “better off without” and locked up with all hopes that they are forgotten.

God has given his people hearts to not only care and show value to the prisoner, but also to identify ourselves with them as he did. I AM really birthed from living among these targeted societies for about 3 years and seeing the depth of injustice taking place among people we love and are very close to. I AM stretches far beyond our county jails and prisons, but into daily life declaring with our lives that we are unified in Jesus and will be neighbors, coworkers and family together. Jesus said, “ I was naked, I was sick, I was the prisoner.” Will you come find me and be with me?
— MG


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