Living Adoration

Praising Jesus isn't a burden but is truly a glorious gift we've been given the ability to partake of! He is worth ALL our praise! ALL our Life is His & we should proclaim such a truth without any reserve or hesitation, but with a boldness that comes from Christ alone!

So I propose the question: 
Are you willing to be made a fool in the eyes of man, just to glorify The Lord with your Life? Or are you too concerned with how the world sees you; pursuing your own soulish and selfish ambition, desiring to receive the meaningless & artificial treasures that the world has to offer you; amongst the chaos, choosing to turn your back on the very way of Life that Jesus has called you to? Have you ultimately turned your back on The Lord?

Today, as I personally experienced the conviction towards certain aspects of my Life, The Lord reminded me of a time in Uganda, Africa where I was able to clearly see what living by His Life, truly looks like.

In the same ways that these boys can throw their hands to the sky & fearlessly laugh & dance & shout for the joy of who they see Jesus to be within their lives; I too desire to take such a posture, with my Life, before The Lord! & it really is that simple. We come to Him in a heart of worship & in a desire to pursue Him for who He is & bring Him into ourselves as our true food [our fulfillment, nourishment & Life] & in this, He excepts us as His own, leads us as His sheep, guides us as our Shepard, cares for us as our Comforter, satisfies us as our Living Water & lives through us as our Life! He does all the work through His Life within us, we simply have to abide [live; dwell] in Him! & yet, even once we've experienced the fully authentic reality of who Christ is, we still are naive enough to come back to what we believe this fallen world can offer us... Praise God for His unrelenting mercy & grace! Because of the work of Christ, even in our stupidity, we don't have to hide our faces in shame but we can come back to His, we can repent for what we've done, we can proclaim the eternal washing of the blood of Christ over our lives & we can enter into His forgiveness with a posture of worship!

For He is worthy of ALL of our praise!

— JL


Jon Lawler