Christ — Our Purpose & Destiny

It's a profound mystery to what has caused you to see the kingdoms and Babylonian towers of comfort, success, & self-indulgence that others have built around themselves to be something that you would greedily desire to obtain as your own. 

You lust after what you do not have & desire what others do. You forget & forsake the poor in order to begin the construction of you own empires. & then you justify what your conscious tells you is hated by God. You create a new god. A new jesus. One who condones your murderous & gluttonous lifestyles. & isn't it interesting that this new jesus looks just like you...

I warn you to flee from such evil! Seek the unseen. Long for the eternal. Pray that your works may remain hidden from man; as they will be seen by God. Seek Christ who is the only reason we have been invited to live. Christ is all, & in all! Breath Him. Know Him. Seek Him. Believe Him. & realize how dead you are without Him.

Either seek His Kingdom before everything or except the reality that you've chosen to forget Him whom you were created to love. 

I implore you to love Him! Forsake all else. Follow Him. Love Him. It will only cost you everything...

— JL


Jon Lawler