A Glimmer of Hope

Sometimes, when I visit with people at the hospital, I can tell that they would rather not be talking (understandable).  Sometimes, they are thankful that I helped them pass the time until they could go back and see their loved one.  Sometimes, people barely look up from their phones during the conversation.  But every once in a while a more important encounter takes place.  I talked with a couple who was there visiting their son.  He had been in a car accident three weeks ago, and I could tell that the long hospital stay was taking a toll on them.  They looked tired and a little hopeless.  I told them that I had been in their place a few years ago with my brother as he was recovering from a bad skateboarding accident.  As I told them our story, I could tell they were making connections to their own story and that they knew that I really understood how they felt.  I encouraged them with the thought that they would get out of the hospital one day, and that they wouldn't be there forever.  I also prayed with them, and they were both a little teary eyed when I finished.  I could tell it meant a lot to them, and I also gave them a gift card to help with food, which gets annoyingly expensive as the hospital stay gets longer and longer.  When I go to the hospital, it is always my intention to inject a little heaven into the waiting room.  I do not always accomplish that goal, but tonight I feel like the Lord brought me to this couple to remind them of the hope they can have in Him.