We untraditionally aspire towards the traditional.

When we say ‘church’, we are not pointing to a building, a service, or a sermon. We are the broken. We are the ones He came to seek and save. So we seek Jesus together. We are consumed with His Words. We are pouring out our lives. We are family regularly gathered in His name. We welcome those seeking family & hope and a place where they can rest. Isn't it what we all long for? The beauty, wonder and mystery of Ekklesia! The Body and Bride. The presence of Christ, accessible and alive in our homes, our marketplaces, our social spaces.



community Stories 

Made up of the overflow of the lives, testimonies, & heart-cries of the people that fill our community. Stories shared so that others might see what God is doing and so that we would regularly be reminded of what He has done. Read of our journey.