Several years ago the resource of coffee was introduced to us in a way that we had never imagined. Our eyes began to see the magnitude of how coffee is global, communal, and provides a connection into people’s lives. Coffee is one of the top traded commodities in the world and supernaturally coffee is also one of the most common ways God is spreading his kingdom. So in a sense we didn’t find coffee, coffee found us. That left us with a question or a calling if you will... What is Jesus doing with our lives and coffee around the world?

Enter Indonesia

Once again we asked the Father to show us where his people need a voice. We asked where to find the broken and hopeless, those that are in search of truth. It was the same question we asked when the Spirit moved in our hearts in Birmingham, and honestly we believe it’s the same question God is asking everywhere. So now we are on a journey, a specific calling even, to use the amazing resource of coffee as an invitation to the desperate people far from our homes into the kingdom of the Creator. For now it’s Indonesia and Laos... Tomorrow it’s Yemen, Myanmar, and Sudan. Wherever coffee goes you will find the kingdom. Wherever the kingdom reaches, we will be.


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