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The word sachai means truth and is adopted from the Hindi language. The vision of Sachai Tea Company is to take truth to parts of the world where tea is grown yet the truth of the gospel of Christ is unknown.

By following in the vision of sister company Seeds Coffee Company we hope to establish a direct trade business model with tea growers in India. Sachai Tea Company is aimed at empowering tea farmers who recieve little recognition and far less profit than what they deserve for producing a quality product. Sachai Tea Company seeks not only to impact the tea farmer but the entire tea community surrounding each tea garden, this includes the thousands of tea leaf pickers, sorters, graders, etc.. that work on each tea garden. This could include, building schools for their families, holding medical camps but most importantly would be planting communities that express Christ and the Kingdom of God.

Sachai Tea Company also wants to offer an authentic tea drinking experience in two ways: First, We source and sell quality single estate/garden Indian tea so that tea drinker’s may more fully understand and appreciate what a particular tea region of India, even down to the specific garden, has to offer. Second, we offer a bona fide Indian Chai that could be served in cafe’s, home’s or wherever a true taste of this delectable Indian drink is desired.

Put simply the vision of Sachai is to:

Elevate the tea farmer.
Empower the tea worker.
Educate the tea drinker.
Encourage an authentic enjoyment of quality tea.
— CD & RD


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Many stories have and will continue to be told about what we've seen, how we've been changed, & all we've witnessed of God.




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