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Our mission for Taproot landscaping is to provide a physical and practical manifestation of hope for the hopeless, as a response to the hope that Jesus Christ has given us through His redeeming work at the cross. Our goal in our work environment is to provide a skill/trade that employees can enjoy and take ownership of, a practical sense of purpose, earned compensation, a community with which to experience the love of Jesus, and a desire to glorify our Savior. We are seeking to be the Church in the marketplace by employing and seeking to love the lost. We create a work environment that fosters genuine relationships where employees, often coming from rough backgrounds, can learn a trade, be valued and respected, learn discipline and earn compensation.

Curious about the name? A taproot is the main or primary root that grows from a seed; as it grows, lateral roots will branch off the taproot. At Taproot Landscaping we believe that Jesus Christ is our central life source and as a result of His life-giving love we are compelled to maintain and create beauty within His world. In the same way that a taproot provides a life source for the beauty and growth of a plant we feel led to acknowledge Jesus as our life source and to give him all the honor and glory as we work to create beauty with purpose.
— JS


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Many stories have and will continue to be told about what we've seen, how we've been changed, & all we've witnessed of God.




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