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The Family of 4 along with 4 of their friends/roommates didn’t move into a one-hundred year old house on Theta Ave in the South Titusville neighborhood of Birmingham just because because it’s within a mile of both the interstate and downtown or because it has a great neighborhood park. We moved in response to Jesus’ command to “Love your neighbor as yourself” along with His desire to see all peoples (races, socio-economic, backgrounds, languages...) worship Him in unity.

When we looked at our current neighbors, they seemed to be a lot like us. Too much like us. Their social class, race, language, go on down the line... Was way to similar to our own. And this couldn’t be the Kingdom type of life that Jesus dreams of. Certainly not in a city with such a tense background between black and white races with there still existing so much disunity between the two races 50 years after supposed full equality had been given to both races evenly. So we followed the Lord to Titusville where we would be among those not like us and generally marginalized by our fellow race.

See, the thing about loving your neighbor as yourself is if you’re not in the midst of your neighbors’ suffering with them, you won’t know how to love them “as yourself”. To join those in perpetual cycle of what many black men and women are faced with in the neglected neighborhoods of most cities in America has given us great joy, broken our hearts, made us many friends, given the lonely families and taught us that there is good news for the poor, liberty for the captives, sight for the blind, freedom for the oppressed and that God draws near to the broken hearted.

We moved to our neighborhood in the summer of 2014 to hopefully bring unity and love between two races the world tells to stay away from one another. To raise our kids together, to put our trash out on the same day and have the same damn dogs tear it up all in the yard, to hear the same gunshots, to get our houses broken into too, to mow each other’s yards, to help fix each other’s cars or repair one another’s leaks, to go to the same T-ball games, to play at the same park and to watch new sunrises come up over the same skyline.
— CD & RD


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