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For many years our home has been open as an intentional gathering place where the Spirit of God reigns. Over the years, the people who come have changed due to school commitments, sports, and work shifts, but every person who has ever come, has a deep commitment to the rest of the community. Whether they can stop by this week or not, people remember the prayers God has answered, the stories missionaries have shared, the God moments, the time their kids first prayed out loud, the scripture verses we memorize together, the drum circles, the random food, the babies, the kids running through the house, the tears of brokenness and restoration, the grief of loss, the confessions, the forgiveness and grace, the study of the word, the worship, the laughter, the bonfires, the loads of dirty dishes, the coffee mugs, on and on it goes.

Something about a home environment creates intimacy, trust and vulnerability. We expose our brokenness and allow God to heal us because we want more of Jesus. We learn to share our hard moments to help bear the load of another’s pain and sorrow. We celebrate birthdays and babies, school grades and graduations. We learn to live life together.
— JW & JW


Waltman house stories:

Many stories have and will continue to be told about what we've seen, how we've been changed, & all we've witnessed of God.




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