Yellow house

The Yellow House is a group of men who are joined together as one army, no longer individuals, that have accepted the call to arms that Jesus set before us. We are a small part of a network that truly holds the unseen in Birmingham together.

At the Yellow House, the fatherless receive many fathers. The outcast, homeless, and forgotten people are welcomed like brothers to partake in divine life. It’s where all of your baggage is thrown in one big pile, and you learn to give until there is no need. The prisoners are freed from their bondage, and the oppressed are lifted out of their affliction and given a family. Our meals are often shared and always open - causing strangers to become brothers and friends. This is no ordinary house, just as the church is no ordinary people. The Yellow House is a beacon and a refuge in a broken world and offers hope to those who are hopeless.
— CB



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