THeta house

My husband and I were in our kitchen, getting lunch and talking about some old, emotional triggers we’ve had and the new expressions of identity we’ve recently been experiencing because of them. Alluding to this, he smiled and said, “You know, you were really childish at Lauren’s party last night”-my mouth dropped in surprise-“I mean, there you were, in front of some of the most experienced and gifted musicians we’ve heard, playing and singing, “Daddy, I love you, Daddy, I love you, Jesus, I love you, Jesus, I love you...”
We are drawn to the work God is doing in people’s emotional healing and identity. Jesus said that part of what he came to do was to “set free” the “bruised”. We’ve learned this to mean that part of being loved by Jesus and loving him is to be freed from the innermost pain that rules us all.
— AB & SB


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