About five years ago, I became acutely aware of a unique gap in women’s healthcare. In Birmingham, AL, many women face daily barriers to their health and well-being. Single mothers of low socioeconomic status seem to have an exceptionally difficult time accessing healthcare resources due to lack of education and support (both emotional and physical).

The heartbeat of “The Haven” is to build secure, healthy and vibrant families. “The Haven” is an inner-city maternity home offering women care, respect and life education in Birmingham, Alabama. It exists to provide housing, resources, and healing to mothers facing an unintended pregnancy, who do not have the needed emotional or practical support to carry the pregnancy or to thrive as a parent during the child’s early infancy stages. “The Haven’ provides a seven-month to one-year residential program for women who may not have access to other assistance, and is strategically planted among a loving and dedicated community that intentionally serves the spiritual and practical needs of vulnerable women and children.

“The Haven” is a unique avenue through which we can build the family of God daily. It is a conduit for The Spirit of Adoption—who is calling out for sons and daughters to come into the Kingdom of love—. It is a place for the weary to come and find hope, peace, and rest in The Father.
— EJ



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