Haven is a non-profit initiative with the mission to empower women, provide resources, and build community.

Women across Alabama struggle daily with having the resources to provide for themselves and a newborn child alone. We want to fill those gaps and celebrate these women for choosing life and braving parenting alone. These women deserve a chance to progress through crisis and trauma, and to enjoy and nurture their children during those short, golden years.

Haven is a maternity resource center that provides host family placements, clothing, and diapers, to women in need. Our program also collaborates with The Common Thread and Urban Purpose to provide counseling services, access to job and volunteer opportunities, transportation, and strong community. 

Grants and donations provide:

  • Emergency placements 

  • Food/formula

  • Transportation 

  • Counseling

  • Clothing and miscellaneous needs

  • Monetary stipends for families

  • Programs

  • ...and more



Haven is an initiative non-profit that provides resources to:

Women in crisis during or right after pregnancy
Pregnant women who suffer from abuse and/or homelessness
Women and families who care for children through kinship placements or private placement of guardianship

If you would graciously like to donate, please click the button below and choose Haven from the list of organizations.



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