A home is a place for families. So a big question to ask yourself when considering a home is “who is my family?” This is the question that we are trying to answer at the Huey house. Why have we been given shelter, and food, and a place to rest? To us the purpose is... we have, so we can share.

Often I’m reminded of the story of Moses and his family when they didn’t have shelter, or food, or a place to rest. They were living in the wilderness and completely subject to God’s provision. How God provided for them was astounding. He sent down food from the sky to feed them daily. Each family didn’t receive the same amount. Some received a hefty portion and others received very little, but in the end God’s portions were enough. He gave more to certain families so they could share with those who had little. For the Huey house we desire to give similarly to how God gave in the wilderness. You are always welcome in our house. Sometimes we have plenty to give and sometimes we are in need, but always we are provided for from Heaven.
— JH & AH



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