Homes are the bedrock of our communities. It's where our kids play ball in the street, where we have long dinners with one another, and where we stay up late into the night talking about our dreams for the world we live in. Homes, when they are opened to the lost and lonely, can be one of the most influential avenues of life. We intend to always be a people that say, "Of course you're welcome here. My home is your home."


Kappa House

Huey+ House

Theta House

Hill House

Baker House


Tiny House

Dawson House

Iota House

Crawford House

McCall House


Alpha House

Huey House

Ray House


Axworthy House

Shults House

Hospitality House

Mirra House

Rische House.jpg

Risch House

Alaniz House

Nail House


Ewart House