We go to the streets, to the margins, to the downtown pubs and the city parks. To the lonely and the fatherless. It's where the Kingdom becomes hope and light. It's where Jesus feels most at home.


Pub Talk

"The heart behind Pub Talk is to build genuine relationships with people in need of Jesus in an organic environment..."

Street Thought

“In each persons’ thoughts that braves the stage is their dreams, their fears, their longings of what they want to see…”

Chase Prep

“Chase Prep began with the desire to educate our children in a holistic way within a community of people…”


“We seek to empower men of all ages to lay down their lives and serve others in all they do…”


“We envision a people committed to restoring the value, identity, and relational wholeness of these unseen men and women through deep kingdom centered relationships…”


“The watchful room is a space set apart for communion with God. Up all night. Throughout the day. Fellowship with the living God…”


“SOMA is a community based fitness program specifically geared towards functional fitness…”


“We experienced, firsthand, the difficulties that can arise from living the “waiting room life…”

Trade Hands

“It is my belief that we were designed to work, and that work and joy go hand in hand…”


"About five years ago, I became acutely aware of a unique gap in women’s healthcare..."


“The Word of God states that we are to love the sojourner as ourselves and treat him as a native in our own land…”


"Prison is, at present, one of the most widespread & misunderstood injustices in America..."

The Compound

“A space that does more than meet the basic needs i.e. food and shelter, but a space that will cultivate solidarity, worthiness and ultimately nurture each persons own creativity…”


“Reclaim is an initiative that supports investment in the youth of Titusville because we believe that they will grow to be the next generation of leaders…”


“We long for women to believe that they are equal partners in the Kingdom and have critical roles in the church…”