Mirra house

Our house exists for relatively simple reasons. We had dreams and hope to create an opened, welcoming, family-like environment; to create a place of refuge for those who live there and those who don’t. A place where fun is had, people are welcomed, friendships are built and food is eaten together. Where you try to fit too many people into one place, yet there is always enough room. To laugh, cry and welcome the Spirit every moment of every day. Where those who know the Father have Peace and know where it comes from and come here to have it. Where those who don’t know Him have a peace that they don’t understand. Where we can love in a way that they will know the origin of that peace and what family really is; what brotherhood is. Where diversity screams the Kingdom and where copies are not made but who you are is celebrated. All of these hopes and desires come from one place, the heart of Christ. This is a place to be a residence to some and a home for many. It is young, but the foundation, already, cannot be shaken. Every cook out, every game and every time where 2 or more are gathered, He shows up. This is Titusville. This is why we are here!
— AM & RM



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