The Father has, for years now, placed a specific longing in our hearts to partner with and labor alongside people in Southeast Asia. A region of our world rich in coffee (which is one thing we definitely love), and a deep dedication and commitment to family. Some of the most devoted and passionate kingdom people I have met are from this region. God is moving in powerful ways all over Southeast Asia, and we long to be a part of it. In early 2016 we were connected to an amazing team in a small village in Laos and almost immediately we knew that we were supposed to go and spend time with them. We have since spent weeks sitting and listening, learning and encouraging, praying with, praying for, weeping with, laughing with, and strategizing with our beloved brothers and sisters in Laos that we are proud to call part of the Common Thread tribe.


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Recurring Gifts are what we would encourage everyone to consider. Even a small gift of $20 a month allows us to plan accordingly as we anticipate the arrival of funds for the purchasing of supplies, the compensation of workers, even our ability to fill our table with food for the many people of our village to come & eat with us.

Your contribution is needed & we are grateful that you've chosen to help us in this labor that promises nothing but unseen reward.




Though Recurring Gifts are something we can anticipate & plan around, all One-Time Donations give us the ability to leverage these unplanned funds in the direction of the most need — repairing our supply truck, purchasing medicine for a dying member of our village... whatever the need may be, these one-time gifts are something we will be grateful to receive!

Your contribution is needed & we are grateful that you've chosen to help us in this labor that promises nothing but unseen reward.




The final option for giving (whether recurring or one-time donations) is to send us a check in the mail.

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TO: Common Thread | MEMO LINE: Auxano Coffee |MAILING ADDRESS: 174 Oxmoor Rd., Birmingham, AL 35209

- Almost three years ago, a Florida-girl named Mookie traveled the world, moved to Laos, married a coffee farmer named Ahn, and joined a growing story in the jungle. This story is about Laos

- the people, the coffee, the growing change from globalization and connection and how a people, once unknown beyond their village, are learning to realize their age-old inheritance of family, dignity, and sincerity as modernity slams into their corner of Laos and the jungle with all of its new ideas and connections.

- Ahn and Mookie are working with their neighbors and family on developing their peoples' newly forced agriculture, coffee. Mutual friends connected this network with others in Knoxville and Birmingham and before long, coffee brought yet another level of deep connection like it has so many times. A few people from Seeds Coffee Company got on a plane and met some of the, first ever, specialty coffee farmers from Laos. Mookie and Ahn are now common names among the broader network, as well as Ahn's people, the Khmu. - - Here's a snippet of their story:

- The Khmu were forced south through persecution and settled on coffee farming land, no longer rice, which was their livelihood for generations. Since then, they have been working together on growing organic, specialty coffee within an ethically sustainable model. Auxano Coffee is the reality of this dream and the Khmu people have now harvested the first coffee which has become some of the first coffee in a specialty grade to hit the US market through partnership with Seeds Coffee Co.

- There are ongoing projects to facilitate building community between the Khmu people and others in Laos, as well as crucial infrastructure upgrades for Auxano Coffee. Consider making a one-time donation to these projects here:

- 1 CTC - Networks - If you would like to be part of a consistent support to this network, please contact Mookie at or give by setting up an account here: -