The Word of God states that we are to love the sojourner as ourselves and treat him as a native in our own land. Sojourn takes these commands from our Lord to heart and truly endeavors to love the internationals living all around us. Whether they are international students, refugees or just here working, Sojourn welcomes and loves the sojourner as Christ has loved and welcomed us into his kingdom.

This is primarily done by inviting the sojourner into our homes and our families. We have several families who have internationals living with them and are a part of their everyday life, treating the Sojourner as sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. Sojourn also seeks to serve internationals by taking them shopping, providing dinner for them or just being a friend in a strange land. Sojourn is also an advocate for the refugee, seeking justice and being a voice for the voiceless.
— TR



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