Trade hands

The goal for Trade Hands is to create a space where those who are, or have been labeled, poor, criminal, disabled, lost, orphan, mentally unstable, or anything that ends in “aholic”, can discover their God given gifts and purpose within an empowering environment. It is my belief that we were designed to work, and that work and joy go hand in hand. As we concede to cultural norms and promptings we often lose sight of this purpose, and consequently lose our sense of joy. The process of “recovery” has been limited in its approach, not simply in it’s form but in its philosophy. There is a belief that the “conditions” outlined above have a solution, or a “cure”, but if we are honest, we all fall into these categories and will for the rest of our lives. Accepting this reality allows room in our hearts, minds and bodies for freedom. I see how that explanation seems small and in need of clarification, but if we explain this concept more thoroughly we will forget to do anything. It is in the doing, not the explaining, that we find freedom, joy and purpose.
— JS


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