watchful room

The watchful room is a space set apart for communion with God. Up all night. Throughout the day. Fellowship with the living God.

We pray in our homes. Marketplace. On the street. In the fire. Anywhere. Everywhere. But we needed a place set apart. Like Jesus did when He walked this Earth. A place to escape to be with our Father. A place for encounter. Loud. Quiet. Corporate. Individual. Desperate hearts crying out to God.

We cannot labor without Him. Our work is futile. We cannot sit in a room and pray from a distance. We cry out for the lost, the hurting, the broken. Our friends. People we know and love who desperately need Him. We cry out for the nations. The ones we may never meet. Justice. Mercy.

Watching. Waiting. Longing.

Why? Jesus. Because He is Worthy. He made a way. The curtain was torn. The throne room was open. Who will enter? What will happen when we do?

Our driving motivation and passion is that the Lamb would receive the reward of His sufferings in Birmingham and through the world!
— AH


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